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Cyber Safety

The internet presents many opportunities for people with disabilities. Being online supports strengthening and maintaining of existing relationships and it can help people to find other unique, like-minded people with similar interests and issues.  

The online world is a great leveller often making disabilities invisible. Social and communication barriers are reduced. People using augmentative or alternative communication devices and those whose disabilities are visually stigmatising are the not seen for how they appear.  

Speech to text and text to speech software provides greater opportunities for engaging in educational and employment opportunities.  Online interaction can give people with disabilities more choice and control in how they live their lives which in turn fosters positive well-being.

Unfortunately, like all aspects of life, there are risks involved when engaging with the online world and it’s important that people with disabilities, particularly intellectual disabilities, are provided with education and strategies for staying safe online.

The following sections contain information for people with disabilities who want to access the internet, for parents and carers supporting a person with a disability with their online access, and professionals working with people to enhance aspects of their wellbeing using online resources.

For Individuals   Parents and Families   For Educators

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