Sexuality Concepts – Sexuality Education Resource

secca Sexuality Concepts is a sexuality education resource kit for students with disabilities. The resource is currently being used with students ranging from kindergarten to year twelve in Education Support Centres, Units and Schools in Western Australia.

secca Sexuality Concepts is a hands-on resource that enables students to demonstrate their knowledge and receive information by placing picture symbols on specific areas on the board. The resource is currently being used with students of all levels ranging from higher functioning to non-verbal students.

secca Sexuality Concepts resource kits can be pre-ordered and purchased from secca. There are a limited number of kits available on loan from secca’s library. Training in the use of the kit is compulsory. secca offers in house training and workshops throughout the school year. Schools with kits are provided with ongoing support from secca.

Please contact Sue Crock for any information regarding the Sexuality Concepts Kit.

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